Wednesday, January 9, 2013




250 ml strong black coffee
65 ml brandy or Kahlua (optional)
1 x 125 g packet of Bakers Boudoir Biscuits
2 jumbo eggs, separated
65 ml castor sugar
10 ml vanilla essence
250 g marscapone cheese
250 ml cream, stiffly beaten
30 ml cocoa powder


1 Combine the coffee and brandy or Kahlua (if using).

2 Dip the Bakers Boudoir Biscuits into the mixture (don’t soak them) and lay them in the bottom of a 20 cm square dish.

3 Beat the egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale.

4 Add the vanilla and mix well.

5 Add the marscapone and mix lightly until just combined.

6 Lightly fold in the cream.

7 Beat the egg whites into soft peaks and fold lightly into the mixture.

8 Spoon the mixture over the biscuits.

9 Chill until firm and sprinkle with cocoa powder just before serving.

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